Sarajevo the city of contrasts (European Jerusalem)

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe I am really doing this! I started my blog. I was trying to gather my courage for a long time, as it’s a big deal and challenge for me! It was not easy, but there is no turning back.

I want to start by sharing a story about a city, city that stole my heart even before I had a chance to visit it – Sarajevo.

No matter where you are, you probably heard about this city, at least a few times. First it might have been at school, during your history class. You remember that for sure, but I will be happy to remind you. On Sunday June 28th 1914 in Sarajevo, Gavrilo Princip fired the fatal shot that killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. This event opened “Pandora’s box”, that led to a global war, known as WWI.

The other reason, for talking about Sarajevo was more peaceful and joyful, Sarajevo was a host city for XIV Winter Olympic Games.

After 7 years world will hear about Sarajevo again, this time news about this amazing city would be scary and alarming, full of anguish, sorrow and suffering, for almost four long years. .. (the siege of Sarajevo lasted from April 1992 to February 1996), however my story is not about that Sarajevo, this story is about my Sarajevo.

In 2002 I travelled to Zagreb as an exchange program student. Then I heard about Sarajevo for the first time. Mystical, magical city between green hills in the middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I wanted to go there…but we are talking about times of visas, complications, boarders etc, so to make long story short I could not make it then. Some of my friends did. I remember how inspired I was after looking through pictures of those green hills, mosques, churches, narrow streets, coffee in džezvas … I was sooo impressed that I asked my friends to print a copy of photographs for me. I was soooo amazed, and I could not even dream of going there my self.

My dreams became a reality soon. In 2004 I finally went to Bosnia, and finally visited Sarajevo….. I was there for a few hours just to see the famous Baščaršija*( Baščaršija is Sarajevo’s old bazaar, historical and cultural centre of the city), I took a sip from Sebilj*  (is a simbol of beauty, life, spirit and bonds between people, its a pseudo-Ottoman style wooden fountain built by Mehmed Pasha  in 1753),  they say that if you drink that water you will return to this place, ran through the ancient part of the city, building of Sarajevo City Hall, and went away.


I kept returning, every once in a while. I had been there almost ten times now. Every time is a miracle. Every time is a new reason to be happier and more fulfilled than before.


If you happened to be in Sarajevo take your time, do not hurry…. this city does not forgive hustle, enjoy your every step in Baš Čaršija, drink your coffee without rush have some delights, order tea in a tiny glass cup, try national cuisine. Visit all those small shops with great tradition of jewellers, coffee makers, goldsmiths, discover your paths among people from all over the world … Listen to sevdalinka (genre of folk music), and feel why sevdah means “love sickness”. (In case you would like to listen here is a link of my favourite  

there are many others in sevdah treasure in soundcloud :))

Visit great small galleries….listen to the stories whispered by dry leaves or pigeons – they saw a lot…. hide a way from everyday rush in pleasant shadow of a catholic church, or enjoy the curves of fountain in the mosque yard, check the cosy yard of an oldest orthodox church. There soooo many possibilities out there. It’s like a crossroad of Orient and West, with it’s unique atmosphere.


People are the most precious jewel of Sarajevo. You will never see such warm-hearted people as those who live there. They have that special sparkle in their heart, with them you will feel like at home.

I think there will be more stories connected to this beautiful city. Hope my story will inspire you to discover your own beauty.

Thanks for reading me! See you soon! Remember beauty is everywhere, often in ordinary things!


Huge thanks to my “little sister” for support and first comments and suggestions!

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  1. Congratulations for your ‘start’ 🙂 you did it perfectly, with Sarajevo, in my opinion the most beautiful city in the world! I’ve been there 5 times since I went there in a solo trip in 2009. It was really nice to read your post and see your photos 🙂 feel free to check my blog and see the photo essay I made with photos taken in Barcarsija 🙂 regards PedroL

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  2. Congratulations on your blog! I’m so glad you started it ))) The article on Sarajevo is wonderful. We’ll definitely add it to the must visit list! Hope to see many more articles from you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pozdrav Nadiya. Tvoja prica o Sarajevu me istovremeno vraćala u moj film i rekla bi da smo skupa sjedile u kinu. Nema stranca do bosanca. Iscekujem nestrpljivo novu pricu o gradu i njihovim ljudima.

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  4. Draga moja, super prica o Sarajevu i cestitam sto si odlucila poceti ovaj blog! Sigurna sam da cemo uvijek naci interesantne i zanimljive price kao i ova! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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