Hi there, hope you are all safe and sound, making plans for your summer holidays. Maybe my story about Sarajevo will inspire you to go for a trip there. I would be more than happy to hear about your experiences or adventures.
After a while, I am ready to share with you the last in the series of stories about Sarajevo.
Some of you may be wondering why I am so attached to this city? I am not sure I know the answer, but somehow it brings me comfort, relaxation and inspiration every single time I am there. Through all those years, I met many people, who somehow inspired me, knowing them changed me to who I am today.
The last story will not contain touristic and educational information only; this time I will share with you stories about awesome people from Sarajevo, who helped me in creating the additional special bond with this city.
The last day in Sarajevo we decided, to begin with indulging ourselves in beauty salon Vedrana.
It’s a unique place, run since 1981 by a great professional, charismatic and energetic Vedrana. For almost 36 years this woman is responsible for the beauty rituals of a few generations.
That is a very special place, where you have a persistent homelike feeling. Comfortable atmosphere, beautiful details like slippers, warm blankets and attention; you feel like royalty. You can see that this business is not ONLY about money, but it’s also about LOVE & PASSION. Mrs Dupanovic.
was responsible for official cosmetic service during Winter Olympic Games, in 1984. She has been a member of the British and World Association of Cosmetologists since 1986. She is a great professional; she knows all the secrets about skin and everything you do there is right for your type of skin. Cleansing is a core of all treatments. Further procedures are always adjusted to your wishes and possibilities.
Afterwards, your skin is grateful. Believe me, after the first experience, every time I am in Sarajevo, I try to book another appointment. I also hear from my friends in Sarajevo “Oh you know Vedrana, she is great I am also going there”. One does not need expensive advertisement, happy customers that spread the word will suffice.
The best of all, Mrs Vedrana gives you simple tips on how to take care of your skin, while at home.
I will share with you one I have received during my last time there. If you want to have lovely, soft and protected lips, treat them with honey!20150917_170442.jpg

Another beautiful thing about this place (at least for me) is that you can read the last issue of Media Marketing Magazine while waiting for your treatment. Vedrana’s husband, Mr Ekrem Dupanovic is the publisher and editor in chief of the portals Media Marketing, Art&Business and Woman.Comm.
He started working in the advertising industry a long time ago, and now he invests time to sharing his knowledge and passion with younger generations.
I subscribed to Media marketing newsletter two years ago, and every time I was learning something new, I had a fresh view on the situation in the whole region. Since marketing is my other passion, I love that I can follow all the events connected to marketing and advertising without leaving my room. All the materials are translated into English, so I encourage you to look through. I am sure you can find something useful there. Here is the link: and there is another thing dear ladies this one is for you
You know what my favourite section is?! It’s DIARY OF A METHUSELAH written by Mr Dupanovic :).

And I would like to share one more thing, during the last time in Sarajevo I received the fantastic book. THE BEST OF ADRIATIC CREATIVE DIRECTORS. This book includes the selection of best campaigns of creative directors of the Adriatic region. It’s very cool and very inspiring.20170612_130557


After spending some time there, we returned to the Baš Čarsija, to have lunch. This time we picked a cute little restaurant Nanina Kuhinja (it translates as “Granny’s kitchen”, so you immediately anticipate that the food will be fantastic). If you want to enjoy traditional Bosnian food, then this place is for you. Try roasted peppers with Travnik feta, pasta filled with meat, chicken and cheese, and the mix of vegetables stuffed with meat, Rose petal juice will be a nice addition.20170612_131539image-0-02-05-a67447815cd62fae1933e48e2bc97baad0c5a156c36bf9a22bbfa2ece7968f33-Vimage-0-02-05-ef6c0f34a85753ad7e022c93d3c763df133062ff89acc6297c5ccd53f44ffba0-V
After delicious lunch, we decided to buy some sweets. I never leave Sarajevo without presents from “Badem butik” – the kingdom of the finest rahat lokum, all possible kinds of baklavas and halvas.

Another great thing to buy in Sarajevo is coffee. Its aroma will remind you of your adventures for some time.
Our next stop was in our favourite place for coffee – Miris Dunja.


Excellent service and cosy interior with traditional Bosnian elements create a unique ambience that will astound you. It was lovely to sit on the top floor near opened window and listen to the rain, that was washing away all the negative thoughts.
After some time the rain was lighter, so we came out and continued our adventure.



While you are in Baš Čaršija, I strongly recommend visiting gallery-museum Isfahan opened 17 years ago. Since then, it was visited, by many famous public figures like actors, diplomats and world famous characters among them: Richard Gere, Penelope Cruz, Mr Ban Ki Moon and many others. The founder is Parviz Mohammadi, an archaeologist and an art historian from Iran. If you visit this place, you won’t find a better person to talk to about Persian handmade carpets, characteristic knots, oriental decorations suitable for your home. Mr Mohammadi is the fantastic host and incredible ambassador of his country. He also plays traditional Persian instruments, and he will be happy to play for your enjoyment. It is a truly magical place. check it out it’s worth it.


I can tell you much more, but I think it’s time to leave something for you so, you can discover it on your own. Remember beauty is everywhere – we just need to open our eyes and see it.

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