Hi, guys, I wanted to share with you a story about my beautiful experience in Stag Lodge Stable the other day.
I always dreamed about riding a horse … I mean I never had any ambitions to become a jockey, but always wanted to know how to ride. I had two attempts in Croatia, but none of them was successful. It was more like spending time around horses, so I kept dreaming.
Imagine my happiness when my Hubby got me the best gift ever – private horse riding lesson in Stag Lodge Stable in Richmond Park for the last birthday.


The moment I saw a voucher made me the happiest person on the planet. I decided to wait for summer, to make my riding experience special.

For a few months, I was surfing the internet page of the stables. Last Sunday I went there to check all my possibilities. Girls at the reception were very helpful. I received all information needed. After I had seen the horses and happy kids that were celebrating their birthday with ponies, I was ready to proceed.

I was so excited and so nervous that I could not sleep the night before.
When I came to the stable on Tuesday, I was terrified and thrilled at the same time.


I won’t be telling you about first ten minutes, of my ride, as I forgot how to breathe, but I was privileged to have the best instructor.

Going for the ride with Eve was another gift, and riding Poppey was one more.

I realised something: riding is a great exercise, not only for your body. Yes, your posture is much better, as the only way to balance is to keep your muscles in tone, but you are also exercising your mind and your feelings.
First of all, you should be attentive. You have to synchronise your movements with those of a horse. As Eve said, you have to mirror each other; you have to feel it.
The second thing, which is also important, is relaxation, you have to be relaxed. As you progress, you find it more enjoyable.
And the last and crucial thing was TRUST.
Trusting your instructor will help you to overcome fears, be more confident and enjoy.
Horse riding actually might be a great option for team building or self-awareness training; it just makes you feel special.
Riding through Richmond Park in the afternoon might be the great experience as well.

IMG_4235 I am sure you will enjoy the beauty around, deer, birds, flowers and summer charm.

I would be happy to hear your comments.
With love, Nadiya

P.S.  Melanie, thanks for helping me with the names! 🙂

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